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The search is performed only within the pages of! The search function uses the search technology of "Startpage". This is the safest search engine in the world, because it only passes the search data to Google for searching, without passing the searcher's data to Google .


So, in principle, the results come from Google without Google being able to identify the origin of the search. Therefore, the search results are also displayed in a separate page outside of these pages. Here you can then click on the desired result to return to these pages!



  • A search term: e.g. Josef --> All English pages in are found in which the word Josef occurs.
  • Two terms: e.g.: Josef Patscheider --> All English pages in are found in which the word Josef AND the word Patscheider occur. The order of occurrence, the position of the words to each other, whether in the same or different lines or paragraphs does not matter, only both terms must be present.
  • A word sequence: e.g.: "Josef Patscheider" --> (input within double apostrophes) All English pages in will be found in which the term Josef Patscheider occurs, in the exact order and separated by a space. Pages with Patscheider Josef will not be found.
  • You can also search for numbers: e.g. 1956 --> All English pages in containing the number 1956 will be found. This is well suited to search for birth years.