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The first version (Screenshot) of was launched in April 1998 and has been continuously expanded since then.


In the second version (Screenshot), the styling was substantially changed under the guidance of Mrs. Gabriele Hering. This version was launched on Jan. 28th, 2003.

This version received an award from the magazine Computergenealogie verliehen. There was also an article in the print edition..


The third version (this is the current version) was redesigned using the design templates suggested by my daughter Cornelia and implemented as a Responsive Web Design. The redesign was carried out by using HTML5 UP and was launched on November 3rd, 2022.


The golden-brown design is based on the colors of the chamois coat of arms and is in no way attributable to a political party or movement. I expressly distance myself here from any associated brown ideas!


Lightbox2-2.11.3 under Creative Commons license was used to realize an image gallery.


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